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Why ISM?
ISM's aim is to teach music as a language. The instruction is aurally based to maximise learning in young students, encouraging not only a love of music, but an understanding of music.


The concept of ISM courses is simple:
what you hear, you sing;
what you sing, you play;
what you play, you read;
what you read, you write.


Rosalind Thrift - creator of ISM
After extensive research and recognising a need for more contemporary music programs for young students, Rosalind developed and wrote new courses, integrating over 740 pieces of original music and in 1997 launched the International School of Music. ISM is now considered a market leader in music education for young students and many music educators who have a contemporary approach to music education, have embraced the ISM system and established very successful ISM music schools.

ISM stands for quality
The quality of ISM programmes is unparalled in music education. Your director is tertiary music and education trained as well as specifically trained in the ISM music education system, which allows them to see the 'whole picture' regarding your child's musical development.

ISM Kalgoorlie Staff

Molly Johnson Cert II MT, B.MA., Grad.Dip.Ed., M.Ed (Gifted Education)
Director, Teacher of all courses



Molly Johnson (since 2012)

Rosalie Scott (since 2021)

Hannah Shanks (since 2021)

Brooke Veitch (since 2021)

Carmel Morta (since 2021)

Kristian Muller (since 2023)

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