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Buying/Renting a Piano or Keyboard

It is a requirement of enrolment in the Pianorama/Adult Piano course for all students to have an appropriate instrument at home before commencing lessons.​

Our Requirements
A full-size PIANO or DIGITAL PIANO, or a KEYBOARD*, meeting the following criteria:


  • At least 61 full size keys (standard piano has 88 keys)

  • Touch-sensitive and weighted keys

  • Stand for the keyboard and music stand for the book

  • Piano bench/stool


*In the 3rd year of tuition, the student will need a piano upgrade if they do not already have a full-size (88 key) instrument.



We currently do not have a music retailer in the Goldfields.
Australian Piano Warehouse - North Perth Ph 9227 1995 PURCHASE

Gary Bailey's Piano Magic - Belmont Ph 9477 5866 PURCHASE

Zenith Music - Claremont Ph 9383 1422 PURCHASE

Roland Rentals - RENTAL

Musicorp - RENTAL


You may find pre-loved instruments on the following sites: Facebook, Ebay, Gumtree, Quokka etc.

Check they meet our requirements, you can always text Molly!


Our Recommendation
Alan Payne at Australian Piano Warehouse (or listed number/website above). Alan has a long relationship with us at ISM Kalgoorlie. Alan has authority from management to give ISM Kalgoorlie students a better-than-listed price and will offer this on an individual basis. Don't forget to mention you are an ISM Kalgoorlie student! Their large showroom in North Perth is a beautiful and inspiring place to visit if you are heading to the city at any time.


Please contact Molly for more assistance!

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