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A weekly 45 minute extension singing class

covering musical theatre repertoire,
solo and group singing, vocal exercises

and character interpretation.

All material is appropriate for age.

Develops confidence, good technique

and performance skills.

**SINGMT is an extension course that is offered for a heavily discounted rate
to students also attending a SingMix or individual singing lesson


​SingMT classes include

    Repertoire (Musical Theatre)
    Vocal and Physical exercises
    Increasing range
    Intonation (Singing in tune)
    Producing a quality sound/tone
    Breathing techniques
    Diction / Pronunciation
    Phrasing, Style and Interpretation
    Individual and Group singing, building team skills and confidence

All material is appropriate both in vocal range and in content. Class maximum of 10 students, grouped according to age.

Parents and siblings are not permitted to attend the SingMT classes. Recitals for families and friends are held twice per year.

Classes offered subject to minimum numbers.


*The SingMT classes offered in Kalgoorlie are not part of the global International School of Music curriculum

Musical Theatre Extension Singing Courses

​SingMT Take the Stage: Year 5 +

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